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Scarborough Cricket Club, Scarborough


04 Sep 2019


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm



CIPD Training: Redundancy, restructuring and other…

innovative cost-saving measures for employers

Without wanting to sound too gloomy, the prospect of leaving Europe is, while we find a new political and economic equilibrium, likely to result in an increase in redundancies and restructuring for some employers. Added to which periodic reorganisations are an inevitable and necessary part of running a successful business. During this practical workshop, Tiggy and Emma will look at different types of redundancy and restructuring exercises and how to deal with them successfully within an appropriate legal framework, using plenty of case studies and discussion to bring the issues to life.  We will also consider other innovative cost-saving measures which employers may want to consider as an alternative or in addition to making redundancies, as well associated legal, contractual and policy considerations

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