New ACAS guidance on Age Discrimination

ACAS has, today, published helpful new guidance on age discrimination which aims to dispel the many myths associated with employing younger and older workers and seeks to promote good practice for employers to attract and maintain an age diverse workforce.  Click here to read the guidance in full.

With the over 50s comprising nearly a third of the UK’s workforce and research showing that younger and older workers continue to experience discrimination based on age, ACAS’ new guidance is essential reading for HR professionals and line managers.  As well as detailed guidance on the relevant legal framework contained within the Equality Act 2010, ACAS’ new guidance is packed full of practical examples of where discrimination can arise in practice, and how best to avoid or minimise legal risks.  The plain English factsheets summarising employer’s obligations and top ten myths regarding age discrimination, which accompany the more detailed guidance, are an excellent resource which line managers in particular should be encouraged to read.

For more information on the guidance or tricky issues associated with younger or older employees, please get in touch with Tiggy or Emma.

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