Expertise to suit all your employment law needs

We collaborate with employers of all sizes to provide tailored employment law support.

We work really hard to understand each of our clients’ needs and priorities. This means that, wherever we can and without any charge, we will arrange an introductory meeting on-site and will also offer to attend Board or senior management meetings periodically – that way we really get to understand how you work, what is going on in your business, your goals and what makes you tick.

We can provide a cost effective in-house advisory service for those clients who need more strategic input from us, as well as helpline and retainer-style arrangements for those needing ad hoc advice.

“Recommended to me by an experienced employment law practitioner in London, we work with Torque Law on the full spectrum of UK employment law and HR practice, from new contracts and employee handbooks through to settlement agreements. With their highly flexible, knowledgeable and practical approach, Torque Law is an excellent legal team and partner for Mereo.”
Charles Sermon, General Counsel, Mereo BioPharma Group Plc

We undertake 4 main types of work for employers:

Day-to-day HR legal advice

We provide clear and pragmatic advice on day to day employment law matters such as disciplinary and grievance issues; managing sickness absence and family leave entitlements. We also prepare and review key employment documentation including employment contracts, policies and handbooks to ensure they’re legally compliant, and are fit for purpose.

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Large & complex  issues

We are experts in project managing more complex HR legal issues, freeing up your time to manage your business.  We can deal with everything from ending an employment relationship (including negotiated exits and settlement agreements) to restructuring, redundancies and TUPE transfers.

Employment Tribunal Claims

Sometimes the headache of an Employment Tribunal claim can’t be avoided. We can help lessen the pain by working with you, from the first contact through ACAS to final Tribunal hearing. We’ll advise you about the strength of your defence and tactical considerations.

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Packaged Services

We understand the importance of cost certainty to start-up businesses and have developed fixed pricing menu options.  In every case, the documents we prepare will be tailored to your business.

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